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Our programme is designed to faciliate and to aid school lessons by providing more practical activities. The activities are fostered to help participants learn  how to plant seeds and trees, raise and feed poultries and pets, harvest agricultural products by themselves, participate in team building activities…

The green product in Sunny Farm is cultivated by the contemporary modern farming and permaculture methods. We value the idea of natural and sustainable farming, Sunny Farm commits no-tilling, no synthesized fertilizers, no industrial pesticide and no fungicide. Our green products are mainly consumed by our farm visitors, our friends, and ourselves.

With the model of natural farming and environmental friendly, Sunny Farm encourages the use of recyclable products or bio-degradable to lower the costs and negative environmental impacts. This also instigates us to become more creative, passionate and bonding between our members.


From our experiences and available material, Sunny Farm often bring the youths together in our Creative DIY Workshops.

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